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How To Auto-Add SSA Tags In Aegisub

If you want to add the same sequence of tags to multiple subtitles in Aegisub, you don’t have to painstakingly copy and paste it over and over — you can do the trick in one go using a bit of Aegisub magic. Here’s how:

1. Add a new blank line at the beginning of your subtitle list by using the right-click menu:

2. Comment the blank line out in the text edit box:

3. Make sure it has the same style as the subtitles you want to add your tags to:

4. Add the text template line to the Effect field:

5. Type your tag sequence in the blank line:

6. Go to Automation and click Apply karaoke template:

Done and done! Aegisub will comment out all the subtitles with the same style as your template and create their copies with the tags added. Saves quite a bit of time for large subtitle files.


Turns out there is a better way to auto-add tags in Aegisub — by using Hydra 5.0. This script was created by unanimated, and it helps to add any string of tags to the selected subtitles.

Just copy the lua file to automation > autoload in your Aegisub folder, launch the program and open the script in the Automation menu.

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